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Westinghouse: The Life & Time of an American Icon

Westinghouse is a feature-length documentary about the life and times of George Westinghouse, his companies, legacy, personality, partnership with Nikola Tesla, and conflict with Thomas Edison. George Westinghouse is considered America’s greatest industrialist and the only man who would go up against Thomas Edison, and win.

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His victory over Edison during the Battle of the Currents set the stage for the entire future of electric power. The Westinghouse air brake is considered one of the most important inventions in history. Automobile shock absorbers, railroad signaling and the modern day weekend all owe their existence to the man who Andrew Carnegie called, “A genius who can’t be downed.” Westinghouse may be most famous for the massive companies that he created, but the man called “Uncle George” was a reserved creative giant who went out of his way to treat his workforce with dignity and respect. He was an honest millionaire in the days of robber barons, an optimist in the days of skeptics, and a generous CEO from whom today’s executives can learn.

Narrated by Emmy award winner Carol Lee Espy, a TV/radio host for KDKA Radio, which was the first commercial radio station in the country. Originally owned by Westinghouse until the company’s merger with CBS in 1996, the station made history by airing their first broadcast from the Westinghouse Building in East Pittsburgh in 1920. Carol is also a singer, songwriter, and producer whose voice can be heard on national PBS productions. In 2001 she helped to launch “On Q”, a news magazine at WQED Multimedia in Pittsburgh, and became the voice of WQED. Since then Espy has won two Mid-Atlantic Emmys for her writing and producing and seven nominations for writing/producing and music composition.

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